Midwestern Man of MysteryMidwestern Man of Mystery

What follows is a tale of hardship, triumph, and a love affair with comics.

Hailing from the epicenter of culture known as South Beloit, Il, Brent was on a one-way trip to normalcy until the fateful day he laid eyes upon his first comic book. He immediately grabbed hold of a pencil and never let go, dedicating himself to creating scores of characters and scenarios with a zeal that would make lesser men quake in dread.

Now located in Minnesota, he draws upon a fertile imagination marinated in comics, old cartoons, classic horror movies, pro wrestling and face-melting metal to create distinctive illustrations with a retro feel that run the gamut from comic books to editorial and packaging assignments. So if you have a project that needs a fresh look, give him a call. He has plenty of ink to go around.

The Client List

  • Disney
  • Lucas Film Ltd.
  • Continental Airlines
  • Activision
  • General Mills
  • Pixar
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Nabisco
  • Clorox
  • Before the Door Pictures
  • Best Buy
  • Marvel
  • Michael's
  • Polaris

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