The Ghost Who Walks

It was announced last week at the kick off of New York Comic Con that I will be drawing THE PHANTOM for Dynamite Entertainment. I am really excited to be drawing this character. One of most popular superhero characters worldwide. He’s always been on my comic bucket list to draw in an official capacity. The four issue mini series will be written by Brian Clevinger of Atomic Robo fame. The story will also tie into four other King Features Syndicate characters that will be getting their own mini series. Each issue of all five series will have interlocking covers by a roundtable of amazing artists. Issue one will have Darwyn Cooke on covers. Which you can check out below. He really crushed it. Can’t wait to show more as the series gets closer to release in January. You can check out the official press release HERE.


KingFlash01-Cov-CookeCol-6b6a8 KingMandrake01-Cov-CookeCol-871f9 KingValiant01-Cov-CookeCol-7f16d  KingPhantom01-Cov-CookeCol-f317aKingJim01-Cov-CookeCol-d38b6

Final 2014 Convention Appearances

I only have two remaining comic convention appearances for 2014. And they are approaching quickly.


MCBA FALLCON at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds

October 4th, from 10AM-5PM


New York Comic Con

Javits Center, NYC

October 9th-12th

Artist Alley Table Number to be announced soon


I am currently taking pre show commissions. That means if you are going to the show and would like a commission, you can pre order it and pay for it now. It will be ready when you show up at the show. No waiting or missing out in case my list fills up at the con. If you are interested in getting one, YOU MUST EMAIL ME AT BRENT@BRENTSCHOONOVER.COM. to get on the list. I won’t be taking any orders from Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.  Here’s the details.

9x 12 Bristol Board

Head Sketch: $40 (with tones)

Torso Sketch: $80 (with tones)

Artist has right of refusal on any character or subject matter.



Pinned Down

Minnesotans love them some state fair. This year the Star Tribune asked me to design twelve special pins, one for each day of the Minnesota State Fair. Each one highlights either a special food, monument, location, or person that has been vital to the history of the yearly event. I believe these will be available at your local CUB FOODS grocery store throughout the run of the fair.


Monster Mash

DC Comics announced in USA TODAY that were redesigning the General Mills Monster Cereal characters. Top illustrator’s Jim Lee, Dave Johnson, and Terry & Rachel Dodson are redesigning the iconic characters of BOO BERRY, FRANKENBERRY, and COUNT CHOCULA for the front of their cereal boxes.

Each box will have a single page comic story on the back that will be illustrated by myself, written by Sholly Fisch, and colored by Dave McCaig. Big thanks to Cedric Hohnstadt,  for helping me out as he has worked on these designs of the characters in the past as well.

Here’s the box art coming from the other illustrators and then one of back panel comic strips I illustrated. Look for these around the month of October in grocery stores everywhere.


jimlee-booberry-7a9eb chocula-frankenberry-e3437



Batman ’66

Holy Solicitations Batman! I’m drawing an issue of Batman ’66 featuring Egghead. Here’s the copy and amazing cover by Michael Allred.



















BATMAN ‘66 #16
Written by JEFF PARKER
Art by BRENT
On sale OCTOBER 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

RATED E • DIGITAL FIRST It’s “Egghead Unbound” as Batman’s most egg-centric foe returns to terrorize Gotham City. Frustrated by his repeated defeats at the hands of the Caped Crusader, he invents a device that will egg-celerate his brain development to that of a being from the 40th century. Is this really possible? Does he now possess super-human abilities? Or has his mind simply gotten scrambled?

This project has been a total blast to work on. I hope people give the DIGITAL FIRST edition of the story a shot. We are trying to do a lot of cool transitions and little animation sequences to take advantage of that program. I’ll keep you posted on it’s release. Here’s some sketches I did a while back as samples. Big thanks to writer, Jeff Parker and editor, Jim Chadwick for letting me play in their sandbox.

BATMAN66_Sketch3 BATMAN66_Sketch1 BATMAN66_Sketch2