All Aboard!

Wrapping up 2014 with lots to talk about. As you can see from the last few posts there’s been a lot going on at thee old Brent Schoonover Illustration HQ. Here’s a few more things heading into the Holidays.

THE CHOO CHOO BOB SHOW is a locally produced kid television program that my friend, and Horrorwood co-creator Brandon Terrell works on. It’s a quality show created by some great folks. They are starting to do live shows and have one coming up for the holidays. I was asked to do a promo poster for it. I decided to make the live cast into some classic looking Rankin Bass looking characters and it was a lot of fun. I have been doing so much comic book work lately it was nice to dip back into this fun cartoon style.




If you have seen me post about my shirt designs from the annual Shirt Show and thought, hey I wish I could get one of those but I don’t live near the Twin Cities, well we have a solution. The fine folks at CHUX are now running all shirt designs. From printing, ordering, and shipping. The designs are available here all year round.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 10.01.37 PM



Next week I will have the pleasure of signing some 2012 Surly Darkness at BC Liquors. I will be there along with 2013  label artist Josh Lemke, and current 2014 Surly artist, Erica Williams. Going to be a lot of fun hanging with such talented folks for a few hours talking art and drinking beer. Hope you can make it. Darkness bottles make great Holiday gifts!





Lunch Bags & Derby Girls

Gosh, feels like when things get worth posting about lately, they come fast and furious. So let’s the fun started!

Had the pleasure of doing a poster for the Minnesota RollerGirls. Been a big fan of local roller derby for many years, so it was a blast to finally work with the RollerGirls. We went with a really fun Nancy Drew homage with this one. If you are in Saint Paul on December 13th, you’ll have a blast if you come out and watch them.



Recently some personal work of mine made the local Minnesota news rounds. When my daughter Josie heads to pre-school I draw on her lunch bags. Usually it’s some character from a cartoon she’s in love with at the moment. Well one of the local papers decided to do an article on them , along with another local dad who does the same. We also ended up on the local morning show. Pretty crazy.

lunch09xx14  032

If you live in the Dekalb, Illinois area there is cool show going on at Northern Illinois University called BREWING IDENTITY: THE ART OF CRAFT BEER. I have a few pieces of work in this show. Sadly I can’t make it but if you are near, it sounds like a cool exhibit.

Publisher’s Weekly just did a list of 12 AWESOME COMICS ABOUT OUTER SPACE. Pleased to say that Astronaut Dad made the list. Always nice to see some older work still getting some love. You can purchase Astronaut Dad on Amazon or  digitally on ComiXology.

If you haven’t been following me on social media, this past October I did my annual October Horror Movie Viewing Guide. That’s where I draw a monster movie a day throughout the month of October. Well the whole things is wrapped and up on my Web Store now just like the one from last year.

Speaking of social media. If you follow this hash tag #GBPSketches on Twitter, you can follow my weekly sketches of players from my favorite sports team, The Green Bay Packers. It updates ever game day.











What’s Happening

Wow, lots of cool projects and events have kind of come and gone and no updates on this old bloggity blog. So let’s get to it.

The Monster Cereals came out this past October. Was such a fun project to work on. I thought the back panels turned out great and complimented the awesome artwork done by Jim Lee, Dave Johnson, and Terry and Rachel Dodson on the front, very nicely.















Local ass kickers L’ASSASINS released a new album and asked me to do some merch for them. It was a huge pleasure and seriously, check these lovely ladies out, they are a lot of fun.
















The second annual SHIRT SHOW took place in in early October. my design WHEN CENTAURS CRY went over great. I plan on releasing this later, much like last year’s shirt, NOTHING TO PUCK WITH. So keep an eye out f10580155_10204031268276287_3231806721462392855_nor that.
































THE SILVER STREET BOYS, a short story I did with writer, Jesse Young as part of his Kickstarter campaign for his great anthology book, HERE WE GO, was released on his site. I am really happy with how it came out. You can read it for FREE here.

























BATMAN’66 was released. So pleased with how this turned out. It’s out now in comic shops and digital. The digital version has some amazing animation sequences for the tablet reading experience. Really hope Jeff Parker and the great crew at DC have me back for more.

BATMAN66_Ch.43_Pg02_print_sm ac7b6W1G5Hbg-tamSfupgMuD2AJSflHWs1LIcwEQ9LQ
































I did a signing for the release of the book at the fantastic store Limited Edition Comics in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I had such a wonderful time there with the comic making pals Mitch Gerads and Erik Burnham. These guys know how make for a great comic shop experience. I can’t wait to come back again soon.




















Finally, New York Comic Con was an incredible show. I hadn’t been in about three years. It was a way different show than my last one. And I mean that in a good way. Thanks to everyone who bought prints, comics, commissions, or just came by my table to check it all out.



The Ghost Who Walks

It was announced last week at the kick off of New York Comic Con that I will be drawing THE PHANTOM for Dynamite Entertainment. I am really excited to be drawing this character. One of most popular superhero characters worldwide. He’s always been on my comic bucket list to draw in an official capacity. The four issue mini series will be written by Brian Clevinger of Atomic Robo fame. The story will also tie into four other King Features Syndicate characters that will be getting their own mini series. Each issue of all five series will have interlocking covers by a roundtable of amazing artists. Issue one will have Darwyn Cooke on covers. Which you can check out below. He really crushed it. Can’t wait to show more as the series gets closer to release in January. You can check out the official press release HERE.


KingFlash01-Cov-CookeCol-6b6a8 KingMandrake01-Cov-CookeCol-871f9 KingValiant01-Cov-CookeCol-7f16d  KingPhantom01-Cov-CookeCol-f317aKingJim01-Cov-CookeCol-d38b6

Final 2014 Convention Appearances

I only have two remaining comic convention appearances for 2014. And they are approaching quickly.


MCBA FALLCON at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds

October 4th, from 10AM-5PM


New York Comic Con

Javits Center, NYC

October 9th-12th

Artist Alley Table Number to be announced soon


I am currently taking pre show commissions. That means if you are going to the show and would like a commission, you can pre order it and pay for it now. It will be ready when you show up at the show. No waiting or missing out in case my list fills up at the con. If you are interested in getting one, YOU MUST EMAIL ME AT BRENT@BRENTSCHOONOVER.COM. to get on the list. I won’t be taking any orders from Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.  Here’s the details.

9x 12 Bristol Board

Head Sketch: $40 (with tones)

Torso Sketch: $80 (with tones)

Artist has right of refusal on any character or subject matter.