Some projects are slow burners. Meaning they either take a long time to wrap or they take a long time to get released. Usually they are worth it though. This one certainly was. Leslie Bock is well known through out the Twin Cities for an fantastically conceived restaurants and bars. Psycho Suzie’s Motor Lounge, Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den, Saint Sabrina’s Parlor of Purgatory, and now Betty Danger’s Country Club.

I had the pleasure of designing the logo and signage for the new place. A post apocalyptic retreat for the 99%. A Country Club on Crack. Betty’s opened right after Christmas. Located in the wonderfully made up Mexampton’s, where it’s always warm enough to ride a Ferris Wheel or play a round or two of mini-golf. You can also enjoy a cocktail from the full bar or a Minnesota version of Tex-Mex in the covered terrace.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.05.02 PM


Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.22.31 PM


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Con Season Is Here!

It’s that wonderful time of the year again. Comic Convention Season! Getting things started quickly in the year 2015 with three conventions on the books already. I’ll be doing more shows through out the year but these are all in the first quarter.


MARCH 13TH-15TH at the Heritage Hall in the Lexington Convention Center.


MARCH 27TH-29TH at the Washington State Convention Center


APRIL 24th-26th in the South Building at McCormick Place


I am currently taking pre show commissions. That means if you are going to the show and would like a commission, you can pre order it and pay for it now. It will be ready when you show up at the show. No waiting or missing out in case my list fills up at the con. If you are interested in getting one, YOU MUST EMAIL ME AT BRENT@BRENTSCHOONOVER.COM. to get on the list. I won’t be taking any orders from Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.  Here’s the details.

9x 12 Bristol Board

Head Sketch: $40 (with tones)

Torso Sketch: $80 (with tones)

Artist has right of refusal on any character or subject matter.



Frankie Says RELAX

So the first SUPER COOL KICK ASS NEWS of 2014? Yeah I got to draw THE PUNISHER for MARVEL COMICS! Was it only six pages to help a homey out on a deadline crunch? Maybe. Was it still totally fun and awesome? Why yes it was. My brother Vic was a huge Punisher fan as kid. I think every kid gets into him at some point. He’s kind of a gateway character for so many different types of comics. It was an honor to work on this with my pal Mitch Gerads. He’s the series regular artist and he also colored my work as well. Which was a blast to collaborate on. We actually have another little bit of Punisher goodness coming next month with this cover collaboration. I did the 70’s Frank Castle in the shooting targets and Mitch did the rest. Hopefully they’ll be more Marvel work down the road. I certainly enjoyed playing in that sandbox.

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Touch ‘Em All 2014

It’s that wonderful time of the year again where I wax nostalgia over the year that was, and get all Farmer’s Almanac on the year I hope 2015 will be. 2014 was a year of extremes. Great highs. Terrible lows. Lots of long time goals were achieved and it felt awesome. While at the same time we lost a lot of loved ones, and it was tough to say goodbye.

Family wise things are going well. Millie arrived in April and while she looks a lot like her sister, she’s got a way different personality than Josie did at this age. Way more chill, and loves to be held. Josie is four now and loving school and is really starting to be her own person. Loves to choose her own cloths and decide what music to listen to in the car. No boy music! Nicole is doing well. She took three months off after having Millie. We had a nice summer of taking the kids to the lake for walks and got ourselves in better shape. Both losing over fifteen pounds. It felt great. On the down side of things. We lost our Cat Ozzy, and our dog, Daisy this year due to declining health. Bother were older but you can never really prepare yourself for that time. We miss them dearly every day.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.27.52 AM

Work wise this was a special year. I got published by DC Comics several times with Adventures of Superman, Batman’66, and their partnership with General Mills. It was such a life long dream to work on those characters, so that was very cool. The scripts by Joe Keatinge and Jeff Parker were so fun to draw and my editors at DC couldn’t have been better to work with. Small gigs but really hoping more is in the works for 2015. I think there is going to be a lot of amazing news on the comic front this coming year with The Phantom mini series and more Integer City from Dark Horse, plus some of things I can’t announce yet. Other news on the work front was I did a decent job on my previous goals for the year. I expanded my merchandise on my web store. I did some more personal work and daily sketches. I didn’t do a promotional piece for myself but I do think some of the personal work sort of morphed into that. In the following year I think I am going to try and switch my time from doing quick warmups, and try using that time to build bigger personal projects at a slower pace. I’d love to start doing more posters, or even some short comic stories, but time is so limited. We’ll see if it works out.

I usually write a bunch of goals for going into the upcoming year, in 2015 I really just want to streamline it to one goal. That  is to write and draw my own work. It’s been one of my goals I’ve written about over the last few years, and for whatever reason it gets lost in the shuffle. Some of that is due to just the way freelance and life has gone, but honestly there has probably been some fear and hesitation on my part to step outside my comfort zone. So hopefully by this time next year when I am writing how 2015 went, I’ll be able to post that I made it happen.

One the smaller end of things I do think something I could do more of in 2015 is expand my influences. I love the comic industry and illustration in general. I have a Tumblr account and I am always getting great inspiration from that and people I follow on Twitter. I do want to branch out and make a point to find more web comics, and foreign artists/books that I find captivating. I seem sort of stuck in traditional American comic fare, which is great. There is tons to love, but I feel like I am not exploring as much as I could. Hopefully some more conventions in 2015 may help me find some new influences I am craving.

Other than that I think the continuing to expand clients, keep working out and living healthy, makes for an ambitious yet doable new year. Of course if you could throw in a much needed move to a bigger house, that would be fantastic as well.

Thanks so much for reading. Always appreciate people taking the time check out my work. Whether it be this website, or on social media. Hope you have a great new year.



All Aboard!

Wrapping up 2014 with lots to talk about. As you can see from the last few posts there’s been a lot going on at thee old Brent Schoonover Illustration HQ. Here’s a few more things heading into the Holidays.

THE CHOO CHOO BOB SHOW is a locally produced kid television program that my friend, and Horrorwood co-creator Brandon Terrell works on. It’s a quality show created by some great folks. They are starting to do live shows and have one coming up for the holidays. I was asked to do a promo poster for it. I decided to make the live cast into some classic looking Rankin Bass looking characters and it was a lot of fun. I have been doing so much comic book work lately it was nice to dip back into this fun cartoon style.




If you have seen me post about my shirt designs from the annual Shirt Show and thought, hey I wish I could get one of those but I don’t live near the Twin Cities, well we have a solution. The fine folks at CHUX are now running all shirt designs. From printing, ordering, and shipping. The designs are available here all year round.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 10.01.37 PM



Next week I will have the pleasure of signing some 2012 Surly Darkness at BC Liquors. I will be there along with 2013  label artist Josh Lemke, and current 2014 Surly artist, Erica Williams. Going to be a lot of fun hanging with such talented folks for a few hours talking art and drinking beer. Hope you can make it. Darkness bottles make great Holiday gifts!