National Park Service

Been working on comic projects pretty exclusively for the most of the year. When local agency Merge asked if I’d be interested in doing some posters for the National Park Service I had to make the time and jump at the chance. I am huge fan of the WPA  park posters. I think they are part of one of the most incredible ad campaigns ever. We got to do a nice homage to them with three posters promoting folks to apply as volunteer park rangers for the summer. Had a great time working on these and hope we get to do more.

NPS_Poster_1NPS_Poster_2  NPS_Poster_3

That’s the Spirit

Recently fellow comic artist, and a good friend of mine, Wilfredo Torres lost his lovely wife Monica after a long battle with cancer. A group of us got together in Emerald City this past weekend and decided we wanted to do something to help a great guy and his family during a difficult time. We invite anyone who is willing to post artwork onto EBAY for a seven day art auction and give all proceeds to the Torres family. Use the hashtag #TorresBenefit on social media when posting your work. You can send all funds to

Here’s a link to my art auction. It’s a piece I did of Will Eisner’s The Spirit. I hope you check it and all the other artists who plan on contributing work to help out.


Frank the Tank

Been a crazy last month of work and travel for me. Had a great time at the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention as well as Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. With all that going on I have also been working on The Punisher again. I’ll be splitting art duties on issues 17 & 18 with series artist Mitch Gerads. The first of those issues is in stores April 1st. Hope you check it out. Mitch also did a killer job on coloring the entire issue. Here’s a couple preview panels from my work on the book.


Dancing in the Graveyard

This May things get spooky in comic shops everywhere. I have a new Batman’66 story, this one featuring Solomon Grundy! DC Comics favorite ghoul is giving the Dynamic Duo some guff in the Gotham Cemetery. written by Jeff Parker, this has been a blast to draw. Hope you check it out May 27th in comic shops everywhere with this awesome Mike Allred cover. 10996813_842312245810812_1713010084037218651_n


And the week before that comes out I have a super fun short story in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #10. It’s a fun and spooky little thing that I got to write and draw myself a while back. I had the huge pleasure of getting to be colored by Eisner Award winner, and all around swell lady, Jordie Bellaire. With letters by one of the best in the business, CRANK! Hope you check it out.




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    I just put in for the batman and 2 punisher comics at akcomics in beloit! can’t wait to see them!!

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Booze And Brunch

Couple of projects came out recently that I can post about. First up are two really fun beer can designs I worked on for Bent Brewstillery. A local craft brewery and distillery located almost in my own backyard here in St. Paul, Mn. The first one is called Uber Lupin, a Schwarz India Pale Ale. The second label was actually a collaboration with my friend and awesome artist, DWITT. He drew the awesome character on Moar, a Historical India Pale Ale. I then went and colored it and added some design pattern elements for the final. Think it turned out swell and hope we can work together again like this.


The next project was a cover and interior illustration for the featued story of VITA.MN Magazine. Brunch To The Future, taking old standard brunch items and giving them an modern twist. I had a blast working on this as Back to the Future is probably my favorite movie series of all time. And the diner scene with Marty and his dad was a perfect location to merge the film and the cover story.

10404202_10204912701791574_6805122370113484494_n 1948127_10204912701631570_6843989565724835406_n