WINCS, Rat Finks and Repeats

Hey it’s another blog post about booze related projects. Surprise. Surprise. Seriously though, I’ve been really lucky to work with such great clients in the beer and wine industry. Hopefully we can keep it going for as long as possible.

The second bottle of La Forza Super Tuscan from the fine wine subscription service WINC, is now available. We continue the adventures of our super team made just for the bottle labels. One more to go that should be out next year some time. It’s been pretty fun to see so many comic creators get a hold of this. We love our booze apparently. Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.05.11 PM


Recently in the studio, my wife Nicole asked me to mock up a shirt idea she had. COFFEE. LA CROIX. WINE. REPEAT. It’s a pretty solid midwestern way of living. Our friends at Chux Print seemed to agree and decided it needed to become a real shirt which you can now purchase HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.12.22 PM

I also got to work again with my friends at Fulton Brewery. Fulton is one of the best breweries in Minnesota and it’s always a pleasure to collaborate. They are sponsoring a dirt track race car this year through their new STANDARD LAGER beer. They wanted someone who could give a RAT FINK style vibe to the promotional material for the race season and I had a blast channeling my inner Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. You can find promotional materials featuring this image at Fulton Brewery and wherever the race car appears this season on the track this summer.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.18.52 PM