Into the Shadows

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, each studio had its own distinctive cinematic personality, a style of filmmaking unique to that brand that moviegoers could count on with every picture. While many of the studios presented optimistic stories during World War II and bright Technicolor in its aftermath, RKO embraced the darkness, producing some of the greatest films noir in cinema history.

Trylon Roadshow is presenting seven of RKO films at the historic Height’s Theater every Thursday during the months of February and March. It’s a really impressive compilation of films. To promote the event they asked me to do a series poster for the films. How could I say no?

This is one of those projects where I had way too many ideas in my head than I could possibly ever fit onto the image itself. I wanted to do something from every film in the series and try and make it work as a montage at first. Then I thought maybe I could just do one film as a focus but quickly abandoned that idea. Finally I decided on coming up with a noir scene but incorporating the classic RKO radio tower from their logo. That seemed like the perfect choice. Below if the final poster along with some of the concept sketches I submitted.