Put a little Schoony in your stockings

It has been quiet on this here blog. One might say a little too quiet. I’ll probably be explaining some of that in my end of the year blog post. Nothing shocking, just a lot of fun projects going on. One of the things keeping me busy is getting some more items up for sale on this here website. It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally got some of the shirt designs form previous Shirt Show events now on my own store. The two  Green Bay Packer posters from Cheesehead TV are also up in the shop. Some recent sketch covers I did for fun have been added. I am hoping to do that a lot more often thoughout the next couple months. I’ve got quite a collection of them in my studio and I’d love to see them find a new home.  So if you are looking for something kind of cool and unique this Holiday season, hopefully you’ll see something you like in the store.