Enuff is never Enough

You’ve probably noticed that besides comic books, the most common type of work I’ve been doing lately is beer related. One of those reasons is simple, my wife and I love trying out new craft beer. So much so that we even started a blog about our adventures of parenting and beer tasting called TYKES & TAPROOMS. We try to update it as often as we can. Basically we write about the good things brewery taprooms have to offer from a family perspective.


The Minnesota beer scene is so great that we even have a magazine devoted to the art and craft of brewing called The Growler. I’ve posted some of the work I’ve done for the magazine a few times over the past few years. Recently they did a cover story on the possibly of the Upper Mississippi River returning to it’s wild rapid form of over a century ago, now that the plan is in place to shut down the dam in downtown Minneapolis. This could have an effect on the breweries that use the water for brewing, as well as the landscape that some current breweries reside. I did some illustrations on what could possibly be the future of the river landscape.

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Finally, I have another beer label illustration on display through Bent Brewstillery. This one is called ENUFF and it’s a India Pale Ale. I’ve had the pleasure of doing several labels for Bent over the last few years. They’ve been a great client.



My good friend’s over at Surly Brewing got me involved in a really awesome new beer they are producing called #MERICA. Unlike big corporate beers that aren’t even American owned companies anymore, but still think they can brand their mediocre beer as such, this beer celebrates all that is great about the USA. To promote the beer, Surly Art Director, Micheal Berglund asked me to create a character that was a “Historical Badass”. So we developed this ripped George Washington illustration that we think sums up everything we want people to feel while enjoying this beverage. The plan is for this to be a cardboard cut out that will hit liquor stores where everyone can put their head in the cut out and show off your best #Merica face on social media. So if you see one of these in your neighborhood liquor store, be sure to post a pic displaying your true #Merica pride.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 3.55.31 PM



Make Mine Hit-Monkey

Sorry for the radio silence. Been working like crazy but sadly couldn’t really show off much of the work until recently. Marvel recently asked me to do a variant cover to DEADPOOL#13. That wanted to feature everyone’s favorite banana loving assassin, Hit-Monkey. Thankfully my awesome assistant Editor on Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. suggested this cover concept we never got around to using. Some Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge inspired crazy. Deadpool #13 is out in stores now, so hit your local comic shop and try and find a copy with this cover. And the original art is for sale at my art dealer’s site, Cadence Comic ArtAPR16100430193

You Booze, You Can’t Lose

Here’s a couple cool beer related projects that’s been going on at the old studio.

First up is a poster for the fine folks at FULTON BREWERY. Their Mosiac IPA, Fulton 300 is out now and they asked me to make a poster to place in liquor stores to promote the release. It’s a riff off the scene in Superman III where Supes crushed the coal to make the perfect diamond. I had a blast doing this one and hope you give this fantastic beverage a try.


Dangerous Man Brewing Company and Mississippi Park Connection are partnering to bring you CenntenniALE: a signature brew in honor of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area – the Mississippi River’s only national park. The new beer, a golden rye ale made with centennial hops, will honor the 100th birthday of the National Park Service.

For each CentenniALE sold, Dangerous Man will donate $1 to Mississippi Park Connection – so bottoms up!

Drink for a great cause while enjoying fun, free, activities to connect you with your national park. Talk birds and beers with BirdChick, learn about the history of beer brewing on the Mississippi River from local beer historian Dan Dressler, and enter to win some fabulous raffle prizes like a $500 Patagonia shopping spree. Enjoy delicious food from Potter’s Pasties who will also donate $1/sale to Mississippi Park Connection.

Sunday, April 24 // 12 to 8 pm

Months ago I posted the posters series I designed and illustrated for the National Park Service, and it’s cool to see it used to promote a cool event at one of the best local breweries in the Twin Cities. Hope you can check it out.




It’s that time of year again. Comic Book Convention Season! Here’s a list of the shows you can catch me at this year. There’s a chance I may add or subtract some on to this list, but if it changes I’ll post accordingly.

MARCH 18TH-20TH: C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois

MAY 14TH-15TH: MSP COMIC CON in Minneapolis, MN

JUNE 2ND-5TH: Phoenix Comic Con, Phoenix, AZ

JULY 1ST-4TH Florida Super Con in Miami, FL

OCTOBER 6TH-9TH: New York Comic Con in New York, NY


I’ll have books and prints for sale as usual. This year’s convention pricing for sketches are as follows

9x 12 Bristol Board
Head and Shoulder Sketch: $50 (with grey and white tones)
Torso (Waist Up) Sketch: $100 (with grey and white tones)
Artist has right of refusal on any character or subject matter.

At the moment there are no plans to take on pre show commissions this year for C2E2. Other conventions, that may change. Feel free to email me at brent@brentschoonover.com to inquire. Thanks and hope to see you at a show this year!