Comic Book Roundup

Sorry for the radio silence here. Been a crazy busy summer. So crazy my appendix decided it couldn’t keep up and split. Regardless our summer was filled with a lot of fun and a lot of work. Which I will run down all the cool comic projects I have had going on since I last posted.

Generations: Captain Marvel was released! Had such a blast working with Margaret Stohl and Jordan Boyd on this book. Generations has been a really entertaining series of one shots and was really honored to be a part of it.

21314367_10212940336637428_8399285513836540210_nBen Reily: Scarlet Spider #10 variant- As a kid who LOVED the clone conspiracy storyline in the Spider-Man comics in the 90’s it was really fun to do a cover for the Ben Reily book. Even better that I FINALLY got to work with Eisner award wining colorist, Matt Wilson. This issue drops in November.


The complete twelve connecting covers of WWE ROYAL RUMBLE variant covers- With previews for everything coming out in comic shops for the rest of the year I can finally show all twelve covers to Boom Studios WWE comic all connected. This project was such a blast to do. Boom is making a limited number of prints of these (seen below) and I it was also announced we are doing another year of connecting covers for this series. Stay tuned for more details on that.





Celebrating the King of Comics

On Monday August 28th, the comic book community celebrated the 100th birthday of the greatest comic creator to ever put pencil and ink to paper, Jack “King” Kirby. Jack is the co creator of so many characters that are house hold names and forever etched in pop culture history. My pal and fellow comic creator, Phil Hester has been drawing the same number of sketches as number of years Jack would be celebrating if he were still alive. 97, 98, 99…. a massive amount of sketches of Kirby creations with all the proceeds going to the Hero initiative. So this year, with his 100th birthday, I wanted to get involved. I set up shop at The Source Comics & Games early on the morning of August 28th and proceeding to start doing sketch cards. 100 different characters that Jack created or co created. It was a blast. And a ton of hard work. Thanks for pal Erik Burnham for doing help on inks. I couldn’t have wrapped it up without him.

I sold a nice batch at the shop during the day but all remaining sketches were sent to the Hero Initiative to put up on their eBay store. They just put a small amount on there now and will be posting them in small groups till they are gone. Keep tabs on there and put some money to a great cause if you see one you like!


sketches JK100s-l1600








Take a bow Shirt Show

This summer marked the fifth and final Shirt Show. The Shirt Show has been a really fun event put on by some awesome creative types in Minneapolis that involves about 30 designers, illustrators, and all around artist types debut new shirt designs for a one night event. All shirts need to have a Minnesota theme. That’s the only rule. We all create a nice inventory of our designs so we can sell to those who come. There’s a lot of beer and killer times are had. It’s been a pleasure to be involved in this thing since the start, and to see it to it’s end. Here’s my last design called “Buddies”.



All of my designs from all five events have gone on to be available online at Chux Print and also at local stores I LIKE YOU in Minneapolis/St. Paul.




Barrell Theory, one of the newest Minnesota breweries located in Lowertown, St. Paul, just released it’s first bottled beer, Draco. Draco is a dragon and passion fruit infused berliner. It is very delicious and it was cool to be able to be the first artist to contribute work for them on a beer label.




Schoony VS The Evil Dead

Dynamite Entertainment has a new comic series based on the movie Army of Darkness. I’ve been a dan of the Evil Dead films ever since I was a kid and my dad somehow let us rent Evil Dead II from the local gas station/video store. We had never even seen the first one but we didn’t care. The box art alone made us instantly hooked on it. Fast forward decades later and not much has changed. The new comic series takes place right after the events of Army of Darkness and finds out hero Ash working at a substitute shop teacher.  To have the chance to do any sort of official artwork for the series is a horror nerd dream come true. Here’s the covers I’ve contributed to the new series. Colors by the awesome Alberto Silva.

AOD_Cover3 AOD_Cover1 AOD_Cover2