Barrell Theory, one of the newest Minnesota breweries located in Lowertown, St. Paul, just released it’s first bottled beer, Draco. Draco is a dragon and passion fruit infused berliner. It is very delicious and it was cool to be able to be the first artist to contribute work for them on a beer label.




Schoony VS The Evil Dead

Dynamite Entertainment has a new comic series based on the movie Army of Darkness. I’ve been a dan of the Evil Dead films ever since I was a kid and my dad somehow let us rent Evil Dead II from the local gas station/video store. We had never even seen the first one but we didn’t care. The box art alone made us instantly hooked on it. Fast forward decades later and not much has changed. The new comic series takes place right after the events of Army of Darkness and finds out hero Ash working at a substitute shop teacher.  To have the chance to do any sort of official artwork for the series is a horror nerd dream come true. Here’s the covers I’ve contributed to the new series. Colors by the awesome Alberto Silva.

AOD_Cover3 AOD_Cover1 AOD_Cover2



WINCS, Rat Finks and Repeats

Hey it’s another blog post about booze related projects. Surprise. Surprise. Seriously though, I’ve been really lucky to work with such great clients in the beer and wine industry. Hopefully we can keep it going for as long as possible.

The second bottle of La Forza Super Tuscan from the fine wine subscription service WINC, is now available. We continue the adventures of our super team made just for the bottle labels. One more to go that should be out next year some time. It’s been pretty fun to see so many comic creators get a hold of this. We love our booze apparently. Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.05.11 PM


Recently in the studio, my wife Nicole asked me to mock up a shirt idea she had. COFFEE. LA CROIX. WINE. REPEAT. It’s a pretty solid midwestern way of living. Our friends at Chux Print seemed to agree and decided it needed to become a real shirt which you can now purchase HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.12.22 PM

I also got to work again with my friends at Fulton Brewery. Fulton is one of the best breweries in Minnesota and it’s always a pleasure to collaborate. They are sponsoring a dirt track race car this year through their new STANDARD LAGER beer. They wanted someone who could give a RAT FINK style vibe to the promotional material for the race season and I had a blast channeling my inner Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. You can find promotional materials featuring this image at Fulton Brewery and wherever the race car appears this season on the track this summer.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.18.52 PM

Get a Clue

Clue was and still is one of my favorite board games to play. My wife Nicole and I would play it a ton when we were a poor young couple that couldn’t afford to go out. When I heard IDW was doing a comic of the famous mystery game, I had to reach out and see if they wanted to cover done for it. Thankfully they did.



I had a lot of fun ideas floating through my head and here’s some of the thumbnail concepts. Eventually we settles on the idea of player cards taking on a life of their own. This was such a fun and different project to work on. I had a blast. Clue #3 hits stores this August from IDW.



Long Tails and Ears for Hats.

Was extremely excited recently to be asked by Archie Comics to contribute a cover for Josie & the Pussycats. The new relaunch of the book as been aces and we named our first daughter after the main character, Josie. So it’s been a bucket list job since she was born in 2010.

I started with some thumbnail sketches. I noticed they hadn’t done a stage diving or crowd surfing cover yet, so I went with that. I also tried to get them to maybe show some Minneapolis love by putting the band in front of the iconic First Avenue.



Editorial decided to go with the fun crowd surfing one and I went to work. Tried changing up my palette on this from pervious covers I had been doing and overall I am really happy with the results. Which you can see below. Josie and the Pussycats #8 with my variant cover will be on sale this June at a comic store near you.