One of the biggest lore’s of Minnesota is what goes on at Paisley Park when Prince decides to open the doors for his fans. He’s been known to thrown some crazy shindigs but there’s also strict rules about how to condone yourself. No phones or cameras. No alcohol or drugs. Even with all that, the place has a mythic reputation.

So with that in mind the Minneapolis/St.Paul Magazine reached out to me about going to a recent concert, Judith Hill and Morris Day and the Time,  and record the experience through some rough illustrations. Almost like courtroom sketches. I’d be tagging along with a writer, Steve March, and local producer BJ Burton, to get a few different perspectives on the night. They were able to allow me to bring a small sketchbook and pen but otherwise that was it. So I had to jot down notes and sketches and come back to the studio to tighten those up for the article.

You can read the article here , and below are some of the illustrations from the project.





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