Jiu-jitsu, Wine, and Football

What a hodge podge of topics huh? Seems to be the way 2016 has been going lately. Wanted to get in an update to the site before heading to New York for Comic Con. I’ll post an update on how that went after I get  home.

So first up, we have a fun logo I did for local Minneapolis brewery, FULTON. They are doing a cool event at their brewery called BREW-JITSU. Bringing together craft beer and jiu-jitsu in an approachable atmosphere that speaks to both pros and amateurs alike. Check it out here for more info.




The latest issue of The Growler Magazine spotlighted a handful of midwestern experts on the world of modern wine. I supplied a title header illustration as well as a half dozen head shorts for the article.



Last but not least it’s football season! And once again I’ve created a poster of Green Bay Packer Legends that is available for purchase over at CHEESEHEADTV.COM. They still have a small batch of the posters from last year as well, so if you missed out, you can get both!gbpl_2015_web