Integer city

This November, the anthology comic series Dark Horse Presents will serialize the comic from myself and writer Jamie S. Rich called Integer City. It’s sixties sci-fi meets a hard boiled detective, and it’s been an absolute blast to work on. Jamie’s scripts are fast and fun, and colorist Jean- Francois Beaulieu has been killing it with his perfect palette choices. Letterer CRANK! is on board to make it all flow so nice. I hope you give it a shot when Chapter one of six comes out November 20th. Here’s the cover. The book also feature stories from some other amazing creators.

Ordering Info

Publication Date: November 20, 2013

Format: FC, 80 pages; Ongoing

Price: $7.99
Age range: 14
UPC: 7 61568 17843 2 03011


I don’t want to show too much from the project as it’s only eight pages per chapter, but here’s some random panels from part one.