Enuff is never Enough

You’ve probably noticed that besides comic books, the most common type of work I’ve been doing lately is beer related. One of those reasons is simple, my wife and I love trying out new craft beer. So much so that we even started a blog about our adventures of parenting and beer tasting called TYKES & TAPROOMS. We try to update it as often as we can. Basically we write about the good things brewery taprooms have to offer from a family perspective.


The Minnesota beer scene is so great that we even have a magazine devoted to the art and craft of brewing called The Growler. I’ve posted some of the work I’ve done for the magazine a few times over the past few years. Recently they did a cover story on the possibly of the Upper Mississippi River returning to it’s wild rapid form of over a century ago, now that the plan is in place to shut down the dam in downtown Minneapolis. This could have an effect on the breweries that use the water for brewing, as well as the landscape that some current breweries reside. I did some illustrations on what could possibly be the future of the river landscape.

g1 g2 g3

Finally, I have another beer label illustration on display through Bent Brewstillery. This one is called ENUFF and it’s a India Pale Ale. I’ve had the pleasure of doing several labels for Bent over the last few years. They’ve been a great client.