Cover Me!

First post of the new year! Things are moving along well here at Brent Schoonover Illustration. Lots of fun things in the works. Speaking of which, I will have at least one cover on the stands every month of 2017. Boom Studios has a monthly comic about the Superstars of the WWE. I am drawing variant covers that will eventually connect the first 12 issues into a Royal Rumble image. A giant wrestling ring full of Superstars past and present, just battling it out. It has been a blast to work on and here are the first four covers connected. I’ll post an update as more of the covers are shown in the monthly solicitations. Also a huge thanks to Nick Filardi for putting some great colors on this massive image. WWE_RR_MainCoverTOPAnd to keep with the connected covers theme, I am also doing covers for one of the greatest pulp heroes ever created, Doc Savage. Starting in February, Dynamite is releasing Doc Savage: Ring of Fire mini series by  David Avallone  and Dave Acosta. Synopis : Set in 1938, Doc deal with the threat of the Silver Death’s Heads, while volcanoes keep erupting around U.S. Navy bases. What could the newly-vanished Earhart have to do with all of this…?

To connect all four covers to this series I decided to look up the pattern of Amelia Earhart’s last flight and use an atlas to put tie all together. I am really happy with how these are turning out. It’s been a blast to get to color myself on these as well. Here are the first two covers in full color, as well as the black and white variants that are available as well. I’ll post the covers for issues three and four as they get released.