Comics, Cons, and Commissions


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Hey strangers. I didn’t forget about you! Sorry for the radio silence lately. Been working like crazy but just can’t chat about much of it. Also Minnesota summers are filled with so much stuff that it’s hard to find blog time. Got to soak up that sun before Old man Winter returns.

So, where to begin? How about with more comics drawn by me coming from Marvel? That’s always cool right? Had the pleasure of contributing on the last two issue of  The Astonishing Ant-Man. This has been such a fun series. I was a fan before I worked on the Annual last summer, so it’s been a true pleasure getting to contribute here and there when needed. I am doing eighteen pages in issue twelve, out this September, and 23 pages in the final issue in October. Here’s the covers for each issue. TAANTMAN2015013_cov MARVELCoverTemp copy.indt


I’ll be at New York Comic Con this October and I am taking on a small batch of pre show commissions before I get there. If you are interested please follow the details below.


$50 head/shoulder shot 0r $100 Waist up shot

All commissions are on 9×12 paper and will include
 grey tones and/or white hightlights. No mailed
commissions. Must be picked up at the show.
- Established characters only. 
- Artist has right to refusal on any content. 
- Please indicate what character you would
want and if needed, what version of them. 
- Any commission not picked up at NYCC, will
have two weeks to take care of shipping 
costs before artwork can be resold. 

Please email requests to 
to reserve a spot
List is short and may fill up fast.


You can check out my previous post on my blog to see some recent commissions.