Celebrating the King of Comics

On Monday August 28th, the comic book community celebrated the 100th birthday of the greatest comic creator to ever put pencil and ink to paper, Jack “King” Kirby. Jack is the co creator of so many characters that are house hold names and forever etched in pop culture history. My pal and fellow comic creator, Phil Hester has been drawing the same number of sketches as number of years Jack would be celebrating if he were still alive. 97, 98, 99…. a massive amount of sketches of Kirby creations with all the proceeds going to the Hero¬†initiative. So this year, with his 100th birthday, I wanted to get involved. I set up shop at The Source Comics & Games early on the morning of August 28th and proceeding to start doing sketch cards. 100 different characters that Jack created or co created. It was a blast. And a ton of hard work. Thanks for pal Erik Burnham for doing help on inks. I couldn’t have wrapped it up without him.

I sold a nice batch at the shop during the day but all remaining sketches were sent to the Hero Initiative to put up on their eBay store. They just put a small amount on there now and will be posting them in small groups till they are gone. Keep tabs on there and put some money to a great cause if you see one you like!


sketches JK100s-l1600