Batman ’66

Holy Solicitations Batman! I’m drawing an issue of Batman ’66 featuring Egghead. Here’s the copy and amazing cover by Michael Allred.



















BATMAN ‘66 #16
Written by JEFF PARKER
Art by BRENT
On sale OCTOBER 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

RATED E • DIGITAL FIRST It’s “Egghead Unbound” as Batman’s most egg-centric foe returns to terrorize Gotham City. Frustrated by his repeated defeats at the hands of the Caped Crusader, he invents a device that will egg-celerate his brain development to that of a being from the 40th century. Is this really possible? Does he now possess super-human abilities? Or has his mind simply gotten scrambled?

This project has been a total blast to work on. I hope people give the DIGITAL FIRST edition of the story a shot. We are trying to do a lot of cool transitions and little animation sequences to take advantage of that program. I’ll keep you posted on it’s release. Here’s some sketches I did a while back as samples. Big thanks to writer, Jeff Parker and editor, Jim Chadwick for letting me play in their sandbox.

BATMAN66_Sketch3 BATMAN66_Sketch1 BATMAN66_Sketch2