Baby I’m Howling For You!

Pretty much the announcement I’ve been wanting to make since I was a little kid getting my first comic off a rack at WALL DRUG, South Dakota. I am the monthly artist on a Marvel comic book. Not only that but it’s a book featuring the Monsters of the Marvel U! Couldn’t have asked for anything more (OK, maybe an appearance by the Hulk!)





THE HOWLING COMMANDOS of S.H.I.E.L.D. starts this October. Written by Frank Barbiere, who is the co-creator of the excellent Five Ghosts series from Image, the tagline for the book is, “To fight the monster of the world… we need the monsters of the night”. This rag tag group of creepy misfits band together on missions that even The Avengers aren’t equipped to deal with. Serious this book has been a blast to work on and I really hope you check it out this fall when it comes out just in time for Halloween!

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