Usually I start these year in reviews by saying where did the time go? Not this year. 2015 was crammed with just about everything we could possibly handle. A quick recap. Put our house on the market in February, had about five hundred showings but couldn’t sell it till June. Moved into my In-Laws house for a few months until we finally bought a new house. Moved into said new house, which got water damage a week into living in it. Took care of that and a few other problems. Did some traveling out of the country. Came back. Got some kittens. Got into a car accident that totaled a car. Boom, it’s Christmas time.

While all this was going on some crazy life and career stuff was happening with all of us as well. Seemed like everyone we knew had either gotten sick or ill this year. Like seriously bad. My parents, Nicole’s parents. Rough year health wise for so many loved ones. It feels like they are starting to rebound but there’s been too much time in 2015 spent in hospitals. Hopefully that isn’t the case for 2016.

Nicole and the girls are doing well. Nicole is still a Creative Producer at local advertising agency KNOCK. She’s been traveling a lot which can be tough, but it’s part of the gig, much like mine. Josie just turned five and she’s becoming more and more of a little lady every day. Wish the growing would slow down a bit. Millie turns two in April but she decided to hit the terrible twos early. She’s picking up so much from her sister but struggling to communicate. Her mouth can’t keep up with her mind and she’s frustrated. The kid is starting to talk more and more every day and eventually that mouth will be running as fast as her legs.

As for me, work wise this was probably the greatest year of freelance I’ve ever had. I couldn’t really ask for much more. I remember writing the 2014 yearly recap knowing that I had some work for Marvel Comics coming up and some DC Comics work as well. In the past twelve months I had another Batman’66 issue come out, I got to work on The Punisher with my pal, Mitch Gerads, as my first Marvel job. Drew an Ant-Man comic that came out the week of the movie. Did the art on the first issue of a Back to the Future comic series that sold over eighty thousand copies on it’s first print run. And finally, became the monthly artist on a Marvel comic with Howling Commandos of SH.I.E.L.D. Can’t ask for much more than that. I did some other freelance in there as well, but it’s really cool to see that the majority of the work was comics. It tilted that way in 2014 and it was great to keep that rolling this past year. Another professional goal was achieved when I got to travel over to London to attend the Showmasters London Comic and Film Expo as a guest. I’d never been invited to an overseas show before. Nicole and I went to England for about a week. Something we’ve never done before. It was an amazing time and the perfect way to spend our tenth year of being married.

2016 has got it’s work cut out for it. I honestly don’t even know what to expect, or goals to have for it. I feel like a marathon runner collapsing at the finish line. A few thing I do know, I let my health slide this year with everything going on. Not eating well or working out close to what I’d like. That needs to change. One of my goals for last year was to work on a comic project that I wrote. I had a short story published in Dark Horse Presents this past April. I wrote and drew it a while ago but I am still proud of it. Seeing the book on the shelf reminded me that I still have more in that area to do. I am having a blast working for Marvel and I hope it continues. I don’t anticipate being able to relax on the never ending hustle for freelance. Getting in is one thing. Staying in is another. That’s probably a good enough goal for the year.

Thanks for reading and checking out my site. It always means so much to me to have people check out my blog, web store, and portfolio. I truly appreciate it.


  1. On Peggy said:

    WE love YOUR WORK. TAKE CARE OF your HEALTH. 20 minutes A DAY IS ALL you NEED.

    • On Brent said:

      Thanks so much Peggy!

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